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My name is Angela. I'm glad your here! :)
I work with aspiring, creative, sensitive and empathic women just like you. I help guide and empower women to love themselves more unconditionally so that you can live a life filled with clarity, peace, joy, freedom, LOVE and the magic from watching your DREAMS unfold in front of your eyes!.

Do you want all of this in your life but your not sure how to attract it in and you don’t know what changes need to be made?

No worries! Ive got you covered. I am here to guide you on your journey of Self Love and Self Discovery so that you can achieve your hearts desires of living the life that you dream of and be able to feel wonderful while doing it! Does this sound too good to be true? I promise its not because I have lived it first hand and so many others have too.

IMAGINE it, believe it, this is more than possible and Id love to show you how.

Everything is about you and what you want and need, I am only here to guide and support you. It all starts with YOU. When we learn to Love ourselves from the inside out our whole reality shifts in the most Magical and unexpected ways.

More About Me

Client Love

  • “Before I came to see Angela I was physically not at best. Spiritually and mentally I was unsure of what was going on and how to move forward. She made me feel very at peace and showed me how to see what my true self actually needs and thrives for. Since our last session I have noticed that I have had new realizations of what type of self sabotage was happening. Angela’s best coaching qualities are that she is non-judgemental and very calm. There wasn’t any feelings of being pushed into believing something that was not right, yet she allowed me to know and see what I needed to believe in....myself. I loved how I was able to be open and speak about any personal issues or blocks. After our sessions ended I felt very at peace, relaxed, carefree and loved. If you are on the fence about working with Angela I would say To definitely try it. It is so worth the time. I was very pleased and content with the work I received and I would not consider going to anyone else for this.”

    Amber Alcantara
  • “I came to see Angela because I was not feeling well physically, spiritually and emotionally...looking for support and feedback. She made me feel understood and heard. Since our last session I have a lot more clarity on my life. Her best qualities are that she is great at listening, discerning, giving support and feedback. If you are unsure if you should work with her or not try it out, be open and transparent with both you and Angela so you can communicate exactly what you need so she can meet you at where you are in your life. If I could tell you one more thing about her it would be that Angela is great!!!! I would have had such a harder time figuring out my stuff without her...or maybe not at all. Thanks Angela!

    Kristen F.

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