Hey Beautiful! Welcome to my site ūüôā

My name is Angela Matchette and I am a certified coach for women, an essential oil alchemist and I am also a visual Artist!

Something fun about me is that…

I LOVE sparkles, glitter, colorful stuff, nature, dressing up, fairies, angels and I love to play and create! I believe that playing is important so that we can balance out our adult life. Playing allows us to reconnect with our inner child, it brings us into the present moment, it balances our life out, it allows us to manifest and we have fun while doing it! Im all about having fun but then getting serious when I need to.

What I believe..

I believe in God and i believe its important and healthy to believe in something bigger than ourselves. It makes our faith stronger.

I believe that the universe has my back!

I believe that we are all magical and powerful even if we don’t realize it!

I believe that there is magic all around us, we just have to be open to see and feel it!

I believe that we all have special powers (gifts) that make us unique.

I believe that we have the power within us to heal and transform ourselves.

I believe that nature is here for us to work in harmony with it, to utilize it, to support us and heal us.

I believe in being healthy mind, body and soul so that we can feel our best and be able to live life to the fullest.

My Mission…

My mission is to guide aspiring, creative, sensitive and empathic women in radically loving themselves more unconditionally and empowering them so that they can feel more at peace, full of joy, love and freedom! I guide them in reconnecting to their SELF , their deepest truths so that they can be Free to be themselves! I also guide women in self discovery and figuring out what their heart’s Dreams of.

My am extremely passionate about guiding women out of their own darkness and into the light.

In order to understand why I am so passionate about this you must first know about what I have gone through and how I got through it!

My Journey of Self Love and Discovery

My life has not always been easy. In fact at times I was depressed, anxious, full of grief and really insecure. I had no idea how to get out. I have gone through tragedies but overall everything has brought me to this beautiful point in life and in being the strong, loving, compassionate women that I have became but in order to full know me you must know my story and how it all began…

It started as a young girl who grew up in a very naturalistic home with a Mother and Father who were strong health advocates and spiritual teachers in their community.

They taught me from an early age not only about healthy eating and spirituality but also about metaphysics. As a child and even more so as a teenager, I realized how empathic, sensitive and aware I was in regards to my own feelings and others.

I was the friend that my friends came to when they needed guidance. I was the stranger that you found yourself telling your life story to without knowing why and I loved being that person for others, i realized later on just how special that gift truly is. My childhood was a happy one, but that all changed when I turned 9 years old.

From Darkness we are born anew

When I was a child and a teenager I experienced a couple major tragedies in my life that shattered my world and also helped me become the woman I am today. When I was 9 my father passed away and then when I was 19 I experienced the deep loss of my boyfriend, whom I had been in a relationship with for a couple years. After the experience as a child, years later I started down another path that took me away from my true authentic self, a road where I began trying to replace my father, the love, the security, which only lead to more heart break and many hard lessons. When I was a teenager I chose to rebel against my parents teachings and I started indulging more in a unhealthy lifestyle.

After the loss as a teenager I experienced a period in my life where I finally hit rock bottom. I felt lost and broken. After the grief settled and some healing took place I started to come out of the dark daze and I felt that there was only one way to go and that was up.  These tragedies led me to a deeper understanding that my purpose was to help others and it first started with myself.

Back towards the Light

I chose to readjust, redefine, and rebuild myself in the world. Thirsty for understanding and knowledge I began to embark on a new journey of healthy living, self awareness, self discovery and truth.  I read all the spiritual books that spoke to me, listened to spiritual teachers that resonated with my heart and that is where I found peace and inspiration. My teachers and books became my only friends for a period of time. Through this time I was also able to reconnect with the forgotten and buried parts of myself through creativity.

When I started creating again it felt like i was connecting with a long lost friend.  A part of me had came home. I would get lost in painting and writing, feeling as though i had traveled to another realm, a magical realm where my imagination could run wild and I was free, free to express myself and be me.

This journey slowly awaked me to the authentic powerful woman within, and the inner wisdom that was just waiting to be found.

It was through these needed experiences that lead me to the realization that I was here on this earth to help others, to guide them through their own darkness and back to the light.

Through the process of self discovery, finding my truth, healing my heart, accepting myself and in creating a more loving relationship with myself i began to attract more friends in my life that mirrored how i thought about myself. The relationships that i already had in my life started to slowly transform as i began to look at them with new eyes.

At the age of 26, after about a a decade of being in relationships with men who didn’t/couldn’t fully appreciate me, respect me, understand me or love me I finally made a promise to myself to put myself and my feelings/intuition first and i began to feel a deeper love, respect, understanding, and wholeness within myself than I had ever felt before, an inner knowing that i didn’t need a man to complete me and a realization that i was okay on my own. ¬†Months after this realization I met the man of my dreams, my soulmate! Today I am happier than I’ve ever been. I Love being with myself, I get to spend every day with the man I’ve always wanted and I have an incredible support system whom i call my “tribe.” Life is good!

Life work

Over the years I have learned how important it is to reconnect with our own creativity and the child within and that is what lead me to Interplay in 2014, which is an adult group that emphasizes play. Interplay allows us to connect with our own body wisdom, our own voice, inner authority and our own creative power. Within Interplay I became even more unapologetically and authentically myself and it gave me some tools in helping others do the same. In 2016 I graduated from Interplay’s Life Practice Program which teaches you how to go deeper into Teaching and using Play as a Spiritual Practice.

Connecting to our inner child and playing is crucial for us to thrive. It gives  us balance and allows abundance to flow more freely when we are in this state of being.

In 2016 I found Transcendence Wellness Center and that is where i became a Certified Quantum Life Coach. We were highly trained in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics.¬†¬†Being at the center has brought me full circle. It brought back all that I’ve been taught and more about metaphysics, quantum physics, the biology of belief, healthy eating, meditation, childhood wounds and how to heal them, manifestation, law of attraction, ¬†conscious parenting, chakras and much more! Becoming a Certified Coach has pushed me to heal more of the wounds that were still buried underneath, face more of my shadows, reclaim more of who i am and its helped me work towards becoming the best me that i can possibly be.

My Loves

In my spare time I love reading, cooking, creating, gardening, being in nature, excercising, doing yoga, meditating, spending time with family, close friends and my beloved soulmate Kameron.

Take care of yourself.

Much Love & Light