The importance of eating Fruits and Vegetables.

I like to think of our bodies as vehicles. The vehicles that we are using in this life to get us around.  Just like a car needs proper fuel, maintenance, and when something breaks down it needs to be fixed, our bodies are very similar to that!  We need proper maintenance to keep our bodies going, fresh raw fruits and vegetables are great for our bodies.  They provide us with the vitamins and nutrients we need to operate at an optimal level, they are the “premium fuel” for our bodies.   Why operate on a low level when we can operate at a very high level?? Why be sick when we can be well? Why be tired when we can be energized??

I would suggest in buying Local Organically grown fruits and vegetables because they have been sprayed with little to no pesticides. The more toxins we put in our bodies the harder our bodies have to work on dealing with them, getting rid of them, protecting itself against them. (Which that in itself is a whole neither blog post that I will have to touch on another time.) You may be saying to yourself “but Angela organic produce is very expensive.”  My response to that would be hospital bills are alot more expensive, but if you absolutely need to buy produce that is not organic for a little while i believe our bodies will be fine. They are tough and strong and a little toxins wont hurt them, BUT if you can not buy organic i would highly suggest in growing your own garden, well actually i would suggest it anyways.  It doesnt have to be big at all. You can just have a little plot. You can do it 🙂 Also by doing this you are able to create the perfect soil, soil that is rich in nutrients, because lets face it our food is only as good as the soil it has been grown in, and we dont know how alot of the produce we buy has been grown unless we buy at farmers markets and ask the farmers themselves.  Here Carolyn from  EcoLife talks about how to get you started on making your own organic garden. Its easy!

Planting a Garden is the cheapest and one of the BEST things we can do for ourselves.

I will also add a tip about how to cut costs and save time when watering and taking care of the garden-Put about 2- 3 inches of hay on top of your soil, and around your plants. This helps in keeping the weeds back and helps with water retention.

Happy Gardening!