Love starts with Self Love

When you know how to really truly Love yourself that’s when you will  fully be able to love another and find your counterpart.

I believe when the heart is beautiful the woman and man is truly beautiful. The light within shines like the stars, capturing everyone with their warmth. Fall in love with the beauty inside and out, See the beauty all around us and within us.

We are Beautiful

Uniquely designed

one of a kind.

Being Single is a special time in our lives because we get to just depend on ourselves and prove to ourselves that we can do it. To be independent and get by on our own is very empowering, especially for a woman because for so long i feel like a lot of woman depended on men financially because the man was the one in power. Be happy with yourself first, enjoy being in your own presence, and focus on loving you and the RIGHT person will come when you least expect it.  When you are just living life that is when someone truly special is going to come into your life and see how wonderful you truly are.  One that supports, loves, appreciates, respects, and honores you….

If you are in a relationship with a man or woman that Loves you passionately just as you are and unconditionally, love them back, respect them, listen to them, empower them, support them, and be grateful for what you have and be grateful for your time with them here on this earth.




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