Our skin is the largest organ on our body. It is like a sponge that soaks up everything that is put on it, bringing it into our blood stream which then is carried throughout our bodies and into our organs. Our body is organic just like the earth that it inhabits, and it naturally works in harmony with products that come from the earth. It recognizes it like an old friend. We also are made up of chemicals as well, but when we put foreign chemicals into our bodies they can sometimes tend to have more adverse side effects than a natural, organic, from the earth product rather than one made in a lab by man.

I have had some issues with acneic skin throughout my life and i have tried alot of skin care products and what i have realized is that what you put on your skin is part of the equation and it is very important to put the right product on your skin that will give you the most healing benefits. I have also realized that what foods and drinks we put in your bodies are also another part of it. How we manage stress, our emotions, if we get enough sleep, what our hormone level are ect. are all apart of it.

We cannot just treat the face, we must treat the whole body for they are connected.