My 60 min. Breakthrough Session is perfect for you if...

  • You need a breakthrough NOW
  • You want results REALLY fast
  • You want to experience me as a coach
  • You are a Jedi Ninja and you learn very quickly
  • You are a little tight on funds right now

Hey! Im Angela Matchette and I am a Certified Coach and an Essential Oil Alchemist.

My promise to you is that I will give you my ALL no matter how long you work with me, whether thats 60 min. or 3 months. Obviously the more you work with me the more transformation you will see BUT in 60 min. we can cover ALOT!

I am very intuitive and I am able to pick up on your timeline, see your behavioral patters and feel who you really are in a very short amount of time.

I will be the mirror and tell you what I see and what I feel.

If you are stuck in your own head and you just need to have a quick session to help get you out and bring clarity FAST then I'm your girl!

At the end of the 60 minutes I will give you a few tools to take with you on your journey and into your life.

Much Love & Light

Client Love!

Mikki Wehrli

Had the most amazing coaching session with Angela Matchette this afternoon! What an amazing Breakthrough! I highly recommend her!

Mikki Wehrli
Jody Flaherty

“Before I came to see Angela I was under a lot of stress, negative encounters were having a reactionary effect on me which was a big flag it was time for some clearing. It was a powerful session and I immediately felt the heaviness fall . It happened so quickly. It was an emotional release, big time. It was very intense but now the calm is back! After our session I felt like I had lots of clarity. I’m looking forward to coming back. If you are wondering if you should work with Angela do it. No matter what stage you are in, you'll benefit in some way. It's a washing of windows for the soul.”

Jody Flaherty

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