An accelerated Self Love Transformation

Your fast track journey to feeling great again and manifesting your DREAMS!


One day you’re binge watching movies trying to pass the time and the next you’re crying because you’re wondering “Who am I and where am I going in life?!” You desire to live an exciting life filled with love, joy, purpose and your dreams coming true but you don’t understand why you feel so off, uncomfortable, sad, angry, frustrated and confused most of the time.  It's as if your walking through the forest, all you can see is fog and you have no idea how to get out! You’re ready to thrive instead of feeling as if you just exist but you keep asking yourself, “what are those special pieces that are missing!?” ...... Does this sound like YOU?

Well one of the most important ingredients my dear is self love, in fact its essential in becoming your own your masterpiece & creating a life you love. A life that is filled with wonder, magic, love and your wildest dreams coming true!

Those words might make you feel a little apprehensive but hear me out!

When you combine it with self awareness and self discovery you create an explosive and expansive combination that accelerates your journey tenfold!! Your eyes and heart begin to open in a way they never have before.


Its okay to want to be happy, to be at peace, to be loved, to be free and to want all of your dreams to come true!

You deserve it!

"Self love is not a selfish act, it's a radical expression of stepping deeper into our own truth and deeper into a place of acceptance and empowerment."-Angela Matchette

Now lets take it a step further.

Are you....

  • Overall unhappy with the choices you've made, the ones you haven't made and where you are at right now in life?
  • Often feeling sad but not exactly sure where it's coming from?
  • Feeling isolated or alone?
  • Not confident in yourself, your choices and your body image?
  • Confused about the situations or relationships you’re in or the ones you’re not in?
  • Consumed by an overwhelming sense of anxiety and fear?
  • Using external things (food, social media, relationships) to numb yourself from anxiety?
  • Plagued by perfectionism? (fancy word for procrastination)
  • Self-sabotaging the good things in your life because of a deep-seated false belief that you’re not worthy of them?

If you answered yes to most of these then your feelings are trying to tell you that you need a HUGE dose of Self LOVE and a sprinkle of 


….Not to put more salt on the wound here but the harsh reality is that if you don’t love and respect yourself you will never fully be happy anywhere or with anyone because deep down you will always feel a void in your heart.

Believe me, I know that’s hard to hear but it’s the raw truth.

 I know it can feel overwhelming. I know you may be feeling like you’re walking through a dark forest with no light to guide you home. I know you may be feeling lost and unsure if you will ever find your way, if you will ever feel at peace, happy, free and loved again....

Imagine Feeling...

  • Full of love
  • Happy with yourself and with life
  • At peace in your mind
  • Energized & Creative
  • Empowered
  • Clear & Confident
  • Full of hope and faith again!
  • Full of passion and a love for life!
  • The magic from synchronicities showing up right before your eyes!

 That's the life!!

Just take a moment and feel what that feels like. Do you feel your body relaxing and releasing the tension you’ve been carrying?

Maybe you are thinking there’s no way I’m going to get there. 

Let me be honest though, before you can feel all those wonderful feelings you first need to dive in. You need to do “the work” that you know you need to do so you can be the person that you know you’re meant to be. In all actuality it’s really about reconnecting with the person you already are underneath that pain love!


Your Dreams and your future self are waiting for you!

The road back to the light, back to love, back to yourself is not a walk in the park BUT you can do it! You don't have to do it alone. It’s so possible for you and it all starts with baby steps. Every baby step is a victory and your future self and your dreams are just waiting for you to level up and become the women that you are underneath the pain so you can be wildly excited about life again! You deserve to attract the desires of your HEART and SOUL.

It first starts with self discovery, self acceptance and healing which leads to self love! This is your foundation for you to be able to thrive in all areas of your life.

Sounds wonderful right but I know you’re wondering HOW?

Thats where I come in!

I am Angela Matchette and I'm a Holistic Self Love Coach and a Essential Oils Alchemist.

I guide my clients to love themselves unconditionally on the mind, body and soul level for total self transformation back to love and light.

Holistic Self Love Coaching is a compilation of what I have learned in my own personal healing work, professional work and from my training and research. I have been guiding people back to themselves for the past five years and really even before that! Being an old soul is something I have been called my entire life. 

 In my unique coaching style I bring forth a unique blend of spiritual alchemy, science and holistic health. Holistic health includes essential oils because essential oils are a powerful tool that we can utilize in healing ourselves naturally!

 So with all that being said I have something to share with you that I'm so excited about!

I'm Offering...

Not only do you get to feel all of these wonderful feelings, it is also a fast track to your wildest dreams coming true.

This program was created for people just like you to help transcend those self doubts, the negative self talk and fears back into love and light!

In working with me you will get…

  • 1 MONTH OF WEEKLY ONLINE PRIVATE SESSIONS - This way you can live anywhere in the world and I can work with you from our computers or laptops. Pretty cool huh? (Each session is 1 hour)
  • WEEKLY WORKBOOK EXERCISES - Homework is essential in diving deeper after each of our sessions and it’s part of the reflection and integration process. (Don’t worry I’m not going to give you a ton of work to do.)
  • EMAIL CHAT SUPPORT - Because I know some questions might come up and you might need a little extra support throughout the week.

Heres how it works:

First you will be taken to a booking page where you will BOOK your Online Breakthrough Call and you will APPLY.

The purpose of this session is to give you a safe and supportive space for you to communicate your personal goals,  to ease any fears or apprehensions you have about moving forward, to clear the noise on where to start and to create a personalized vision statement for you that is aligned with your personal goals and your soul’s mission.

In our Sessions together we will be covering….

  • Getting clear on who YOU are and what do YOU want in life, your relationships, in your career... ?
  • Self-care- Guiding you in creating new Self Love practices for the body, mind and spirit
  • Self-compassion- Helping you create new loving affirmations and positive self talk.
  • Core wounds- Getting in tune with what wounds are still playing out and what needs healing!
  • Reconnecting with your inner child through play and creativity + finding those places that still need love!
  • Healing your nervous system- This included getting specific on what is creating the anxiety
  • Mindfulness and Meditation- This is HUGE in calming the mind and the body
  • Forgiveness for others and yourself- Holding on to it is only hurting YOU
  • How to shift from victim mentality to empowerment!
  • Shifting from your head to your heart- The mind tends to overthink and complicate things.
  • What limiting beliefs or internal programs you have running that are helping dictate your life!
  • How to accept and process your feelings
  • How to set boundaries with others
  • How to live intentionally and on purpose!

*Everyone is unique and so I will customize and tailor each package so it’s perfect for you and where you are at.

Bonuses that you will receive by working with me!!

I'm honored when someone chooses me to be by their side during this journey and so as a token of my appreciation you're going to get….


100% pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil samples that are customized to what you need, to support you in our journey together.


Includes an essential oil assessment where we will discuss which essential oils would be best to heal, support and NURTURE you.


A great coach guides you in finding your own truth, supports you where you are and DOES NOT judge you for your actions. That’s the type of coach I promise to be for you.

Are you ready to embark on this journey?

I’m only taking 11 women on this 1 month journey with me so I can give each one of you the BEST of me, so even if you think you might be ready, jump on it!

If you know deep down that you have some self love work to do and you DON’T DO THE WORK you can end up being on the loooooong road to healing and recovery. You can also continue attracting a lot of the same crap because you’re not aware yet of what is even creating it. I want to divert you from experiencing unnecessary stress that you don't need! 

Plus it’s only a month! What do you have to lose?

The time is NOW!  You deserve to be happy, at peace and filled with so much love!

You are NOT your past mistakes, you are NOT your past stories, you are not what has happened to you, YOU ARE what you CHOOSE to be.

What do you choose??

Choose Love

Choose the light

Choose to Believe in you

Real success stories from some amazing women that I have had the pleasure of working with!

I know it's scary to take a leap but the magic is waiting for you on the other side!

My signature offer is ideal for you if:

  • You are still unsure of who you are and where you are going.

  • You are still healing from a broken heart

  • You feel stuck in your mind and with where you are in life

  • You keep living out these harmful cycles and you don’t know how to stop

  • You don’t feel happy and purposeful in life

  • You keep attracting what feels like the wrong relationships

  • You have a hard time being loving and accepting towards yourself and others

  • You have a hard time creating boundaries with people

  • You want to find True Love

  • You have a hard time sitting with your feelings

1:1 Coaching is not ideal for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix. It’s the small steps that lead to lasting, mind-blowing transformational change.
  • You’re a chronic procrastinator, you’re lazy and you don’t want to put in the work.
  • If you are NOT ready to take responsibility for your own happiness and life.
  • You’re not at all excited about starting this journey. Fear is normal (and a great sign actually) but if you’re not excited about it at all, then this isn’t for you.

I'm beyond ready for my Free Breakthrough Session!